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Polythene Carriers

At The Bag Man we provides you with a wide variety of plain and coloured carriers to suit your specific product, including vest, patch and premium handle styles in both standard and biodegradable materials. (NB: To personalise your bag please use our printed carrier service).


FASHION CARRIERS - Tend to be used by non convenience store retailers, who sell higher margin goods and want to project an image of style and quality to their customers. They tend to be rectangular, with a cut out handle.

PATCH HANDLE CARRIERS - These carriers have an extra patch of plastic adhered to the handle area to reinforce the handle strength.

VARIGAUGE CARRIERS - The gauge of polythene is a measurement of it's thickness.

  • The thickness of the polythene on the Varigauge carriers varies from the top to the bottom of the bag, to add strength to the handle area.
  • It is usually denoted in terms such as 180/360 or 45/90. It amounts to pretty much the same thing. And both guarentee a mark of strength & quality.

VEST STYLE CARRIERS - A Supermarket style bag. So called as it's shaped like a traditional man's Vest! Strength is denoted by its Micron (Thickness). We wouldn't recommend putting heavy glass objects in a bag with a lower micron of 17.

RECYCLED PLASTIC CARRIERS- These tend to be either Blue or Green. They are strong bags but are not "Food Safe."